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Crowdfunding with Rōnin: the success story of AutoVantage

Rōnin Team on august 31st, 2022 / Crowdfunding Journey / 3 min read

AutoVantage is the platform that will help customers buy their future new car at a smart price from authorized dealers from all over the country, with no hassle, thanks to the friendly process the AutoVantage team is in charge of. From generating offers to negotiations, the clients only need to choose the right offer that suits their needs. 

The founders’ vision came to life, and they raised €232.000 with Rōnin. Therefore, Pincu Ionescu and Dan Dimitriu are here to share their best advice and take us through their successful journey after their fundraising for their startup. 

How was the crowdfunding experience with Rōnin?

Our experience with Rōnin was great; we had the chance to engage our community and show them the opportunity to become part of AutoVantage, so now we’re growing together.

What is your advice for startups?

My advice for any startup founder is always to find the easiest way to validate their idea; there is no need for fancy apps, websites, or products. Just map out your business model, validate it and then automate it. P.S. investors will join businesses proving traction and need to scale their product. 

How are you going to scale up the game after the crowdfunding round?

We plan to expand our presence in the new car market and establish AutoVantage as the new standard for car buying. We’re also expanding to the certified used car market, and we’ll provide the financing options people need to buy their next car. 

How did you meet your co-founder? How do you work together, and what was the first thing you did after successfully ending the crowdfunding campaign? 

Dan and I met as I was looking for someone to handle the content creation aspect of our business, and we realized almost immediately that our combined skills could result in greatness. The first thing we did after we ended our crowdfunding campaign (after celebrating, of course) was to lay down our plan for the upcoming years and start to work on it. 

Is anything significant you need to share with fellow rōnins at the beginning of their journey to raise money or start building the foundation of their startups?

Always deliver what you say you’re going to do! 

If you’re eager and curious about their journey to this startup stage, here are more insights about the founders’ story worth reading – Founder’s Story: Pincu Ionescu, AutoVantage.



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