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Why mental and emotional health is crucial for both entrepreneurs and investors

Rōnin Team on iunie 17th, 2022

A UC Berkeley study found that 72% of entrepreneurs have some form of mental health problem. Of the entrepreneurs they studied, 30% had a history of depression, 19% had ADHD, 12% had substance abuse problems, and 11% reported having bipolar disorder. Looking at the last few years, we see that mental health is being given more attention.

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Top 12 Books for Investors in 2022

Rōnin Team on iunie 8th, 2022

The biggest fear of those who want to invest is not the amount of money or the access to investment opportunities. We live in a time when there are solutions that allow you to start investing with a small amount. The most significant barrier is the lack of information and insecurity in decisions.There are many resources to learn the secrets of investing. Plenty of them. The challenge? Make a proper selection that suits your needs and helps you in your investment journey. 

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Start Growing your Money through Equity Crowdfunding

Rōnin Team on aprilie 4th, 2022

Starting slowly, even with a small amount of money, you can begin establishing the habit of investing regularly, which hopefully leads to a giant nest in the future. Even small moves can lead to consistent growth.