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Founder's Story

Get to know the founder's story behind startups listed on Ronin. Find out their motivations and aspiration, as well as their challenges and fears.

Founder's Story / 10 min read

Paving the Path to Sustainable Fashion: Meet Romina, Founder of Dressingz

Andra Costin on iulie 24th, 2023

In times when fashion and technology may seem like two distant worlds, Romina, the founder of Dressingz, saw an opportunity to bridge the gap and create a transformative impact. With a remarkable background in the fast-paced tech and telco industry, Romina's journey took a fascinating turn when she decided to venture into the pre-loved fashion realm.

Founder's Story / 5 min read

Founder’s story: Alex Vesa, AIMINDED

Rōnin Team on ianuarie 26th, 2023

AIMinded aims to accelerate cancer treatment by automating image analysis in radiotherapy hospitals, in order to help doctors perform more efficiently and accurately. The solution offers doctors more time for complex tasks that need their attention, and also for patients. We talked with Alexandru Vesa, Co-Founder of AIMinded, to find out what made him start such an inspiring journey.

Founder's Story / 7 min read

Founder’s Story: Andrei Cerbu, Drooler

Rōnin Team on noiembrie 7th, 2022

Drooler aims to become the top brand in the Romanian dog food industry, providing healthier food for our furry friends and a lot of passion and education for dog owners. Developing such a contributing mission requires a lot of ambition, courage, and of course.. patience to switch a mentality and change consumers' behavior.We talked with Andrei Cerbu, Founder of Drooler, to find out what made him start such an inspiring journey.

Founder's Story / 5 min read

Founder’s Story: Pincu Ionescu, AutoVantage

Rōnin Team on aprilie 7th, 2022

AutoVantage is the platform where new car buyers can compare offers from car dealers all over Romania and choose the best one.