Putting dreams to work.

Rōnin and Commons Accel join forces to support founders put their ideas to work and scale them

Rōnin Team on aprilie 29th, 2022 / Rōnin insights / 2 min read

Today is a good day for great news and bold actions!

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with our friends from Commons Accel to dream together, act together, and succeed together in our shared mission to support the startup ecosystem growth.

Commons Accel – the regional finalist at Central European Startup Awards Best Accelerator – is an investment-readiness accelerator designed for passionate founders with a vision for a better future.

Their successful mentorship program reached cohort #6 of eager entrepreneurs who aim to put their dreams to work, operating in Education & Innovation, Sustainable Cities & Communities, and Responsible Business sectors.

Our plans together?

We join forces to shape an enabling environment for everyone to thrive in – founders to take their ideas from zero to hero and true believers to start growing their money the smart way while supporting bold ideas to accelerate their growth.

We’re on a mission to impact positively the startup ecosystem by supporting entrepreneurs through their journey to success: from the much-needed know-how, resourceful network & collaborative ecosystem to make their ideas investment-ready, to more accessible funding opportunities on their journey to grow and scale-up.

Everyone supporting bold ideas to succeed. More can start

The partnership will see the accelerator guiding and supporting ambitious founders to build an attractive investment case, on one hand, and the Rōnin platform enabling access to alternative financing options like crowdfunding, on the other hand.

If you’re ready to take your business idea to the next level, we’re super excited to invite you to register for the cohort #7, starting in September 2022. The first 20 founders to register will get a €100 off the enrolment fee. Just make sure you mention Rōnin for the question How did you find us? in the registration form.

P.S.: If you’re an investor with big dreams, remember: there’s always someone who could guide & support you to start putting your dreams to work, too.


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