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We are thrilled to introduce our latest service, Expert Business Support, aimed at empowering startup founders with invaluable expert guidance tailored to their specific needs. Whether you are a beginner entrepreneur looking for guidance or an established startup seeking to take your business to new heights, our community of experts is here to fuel your success.

AIMinded aims to accelerate cancer treatment by automating image analysis in radiotherapy hospitals, in order to help doctors perform more efficiently and accurately. The solution offers doctors more time for complex tasks that need their attention, and also for patients. We talked with Alexandru Vesa, Co-Founder of AIMinded, to find out what made him start such an inspiring journey.

Drooler aims to become the top brand in the Romanian dog food industry, providing healthier food for our furry friends and a lot of passion and education for dog owners. Developing such a contributing mission requires a lot of ambition, courage, and of course.. patience to switch a mentality and change consumers' behavior.We talked with Andrei Cerbu, Founder of Drooler, to find out what made him start such an inspiring journey.

In 2021, the global market for AI in healthcare was valued at over 11 billion U.S. dollars, and it is now expected to reach over 188 billion U.S. dollars by 2030. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can evaluate medical data to predict outcomes. As its relevance and efficiency grow, AI's use in healthcare will expand. The technology might lead to more accurate diagnoses, improved treatment, and less time spent on administrative work by healthcare personnel, allowing them to spend more time with patients.

After you’ve chosen the right crowdfunding platform for you, the campaign launching process is about to begin. There are 3 main stages that startups should go through in order to launch their equity crowdfunding campaign successfully: 1. Applying for fundraising and passing the due diligence process; 2. Preparing the campaign alongside the necessary business, legal, and marketing documents; 3. Building hype around the campaign before its launching.

When a business wants to use external financing, it is ready to develop new products, expand its production, and access new markets. Many companies ardently desire this, representing an essential step in long-term sustainable growth. But everything is not milk and honey. A business must be prepared to access external financing - from the company's management to the ability to access the funding in terms of resources and sustainable plans.

What makes an investment journey actually effortless? We think a certain magic happens when everything is simple, streamlined, and connected. That’s why we’re always looking for ways to make the investment process smoother through efficient and agile tools. Now, Rōnin and InfoCert are here to transform the burden of document signing into a simple, fast and easy experience. Say goodbye to handwritten signing of physical documents — and hello to Qualified Electronic Signature.

The major world economies are doing very well in the crowdfunding markets. In the EU, things have enough space for growth... and that makes us super excited! On November 10, 2020, the Regulation on European crowdfunding service providers (ECSP) for businesses came into force. After a 12-month transition period, the rules came into force on 10 November 2021, applying directly across the EU. The regulation establishes uniform rules across the EU for the provision of investment-based crowdfunding and lending services related to business financing. The expectation is that these rules will bring improvements, thus helping companies that are looking for financing alternatives.

How does playing football online affect real-life football time? We’re not the football games experts here, but since the esports market size is expected to reach a value of 2.89 billion U.S. dollars in 2025, we thought you might want to know how technology supports real-life football. As our fellow rōnins from Playerfy say, ‘There’s nothing that beats the real excitement from the field.’

If the first thing coming to your mind when thinking about conversational intelligence platforms is 'Huston, we have a problem..', we've thought this might be helpful. AI Conversational Intelligence is a technology that leverages voice (telephone/video meetings) and text (chat/email) based interactions between customers and companies facing representatives to enable more meaningful interactions, using insights from previous interactions.

The biggest fear of those who want to invest is not the amount of money or the access to investment opportunities. We live in a time when there are solutions that allow you to start investing with a small amount. The most significant barrier is the lack of information and insecurity in decisions.There are many resources to learn the secrets of investing. Plenty of them. The challenge? Make a proper selection that suits your needs and helps you in your investment journey. 

The growth rate of the European tech ecosystem is astonishing. According to the State of European Tech report, last year $100 billion in investment opportunities materialized, and 98 new unicorns came into the spotlight.All these beautiful things could not have happened if the new generation of founders had not acted with the right mindset. This new generation comes with an extraordinary talent, courage, and an ambition to do things differently, with a risk-taking perspective and a "can-do" attitude. It sounds like a recipe for success, doesn't it?

82% of dog owners confirmed a specific need for their dog food: more transparency about the ingredients and a more clean and sustainable approach to the production process. The global overview shows us pet humanization is one of the hot topics in mainstream media recently. We are witnessing a significant shift from pet ownership to pet parenting, especially in the food market. 

Croatian investment fund Fil Rouge Capital invests €100,000 to support the growth of the AutoVantage startup, which aims to innovate the buying process in the car dealership industry.With the addition of new investors, AutoVantage exceeds the target proposed in the crowdfunding campaign run on weronin.com. This investment aims to accelerate the platform's development plans and prepare the business for launch in international markets.

Pornim seria webinariilor gratuite Think, talk and act like an investor, o inițiativă derulată în parteneriat cu Iancu Guda, unul dintre cei mai loiali prieteni ai educației financiare. Vei lua parte la 10 întâlniri interactive unde vei afla cum să îți cultivi mindset-ul investitorului ce pune banii la treabă, cu promisiunea că nu te plictisim cu 10 pași simpli care te fac bogat peste noapte. 

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with our friends from Commons Accel to dream together, act together, and succeed together in our shared mission to support the startup ecosystem growth. We join forces to shape an enabling environment for everyone to thrive in - founders to take their ideas from zero to hero and true believers to start growing their money the smart way while supporting bold ideas to accelerate their growth.

AutoVantage is the platform where new car buyers can compare offers from car dealers all over Romania and choose the best one. So, without further ado, ladies & gents, investors & founders alike, we invite you to meet the real heroes - the founders behind AutoVantage, their aspirations & challenges, and their plans for the future.