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Each fundraiser on Rōnin decides what other requirements there are to invest in their business. Please check their crowdfunding campaign page for more details on who can invest.

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ELEC's mission is to create an ecosystem (e-mobility hub) where users, individuals, and businesses, have unique experiences and business opportunities based on ridesharing, renting, and charging. Thus, through the ELEC app, users can rent electric cars, request electric car rides, and find and use fast charging stations across Europe.


Dressingz is a marketplace that accelerates the adoption of the circular sustainable fashion model, facilitating the meeting between fashion enthusiasts who want to sell and those who want to invest in pre-loved luxury items. Through reuse and resale, Dressingz democratizes access to premium fashion, turning it into an efficient investment for both consumers and the planet.


Bridging the gap between the talent market and companies through a people centric solution that greatly improves processes compared to traditional approaches


AIMinded is an Artificial Intelligence solution that accelerates cancer treatment by automating image analysis in radiotherapy clinics.


RepsMate is a multi-award-winning tech startup, that focuses on generating insights and transforming them into a personalized interaction for each customer by helping customer-facing representatives (sales, customer support departments).


Playerfy is the go-to platform for straightforward football matchmaking. Everything from finding a pitch to meeting new players and setting up match days has become simple and frictionless.


At Drooler we make cooked food for dogs, healthy, researched, and doctor approved, delivered from our factory to your dog’s feeding bowl.


AutoVantage is the platform where new car buyers can compare offers from car dealers all over Romania and choose the best one.

Stock Binder

We are here to simplify and automate the process of stocking between retailers and suppliers by offering a reliable interconnection platform that allows them to quickly transfer information on products, stocks, and prices.


Softlead is an integrated B2B platform, which uses Augmented Analytics to find the best software solutions, using companies’ Digital DNA.