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Harness the wisdom and power of the crowd

Fund the next stage of your business growth while engaging your community, getting brand exposure and increasing customer loyalty

Why Rōnin?

A fully streamlined journey that drives successful crowdfunding

1. Full support & commitment

From validating your business model using a transparent & proven matrix to increasing sales and customer loyalty while engaging your community, we guide you through every step within the process of your crowdfunding campaign.

2. Startup-friendly process

We've build an effortless and end-to-end digital crowdfunding process, enhancing the founders' efforts to take their startup to the next level. Crowdfunding has never been so straightforward!

3. One Line Cap

Our entire process involves NO administrative hassle, being highly secured about holding the shares in your company on behalf of individual investors or VC structures willing to join and support your mission.

4. No upfront costs

Rōnin is a 100% supportive ecosystem for startups to thrive in every stage of their development by guiding them across the entire crowdfunding journey with no upfront costs. Real skin in the game.

5. VC Compatible

Rōnin crowdfunding is VC-friendly. Raise funds before, during, or after a venture round. As such, crowdfunding rounds are complementary to traditional VC, helping you raise your target amount.

Successful fundraising begins with Rōnin

Raise capital with your trusted equity crowdfunding platform committed to closing successfully every campaign launched

Trusted Crowdfunding Platform

Our due diligence determines which investment opportunities fit the platform well. Investors choose to place money repeatedly in the startups listed on our platform, and ongoing startup campaigns are constantly evaluated. This ensures us a trustful partnership with both investors and founders.

High Success Rate

Startups approved to raise capital with us have successfully reached their financial goals in less than 3 months. Though, there might always be external factors affecting the campaign’s success. However, we fully commit to doing our best for every campaign launched on Rōnin.

Investable Pipeline

Rōnin provides investable and trusted pipelines for investors as we are gathering a strong community of promising startups. Our vetting process requires a high standard to be met. Your startup will be part of a robust pipeline, ready to raise capital from crowd investors.

Who can fundraise?

Innovation powered startups


We make it easy and accessible for startups and founders who aim to drive innovation, growth, and transformation. We are democratizing the startup access to funding in any stage of development, no matter the market you are disrupting or trying to leave a mark on. One condition is to be met: the innovative spirit aiming to bring a fresh perspective to your industry.

Open for non-tech

Rōnin welcomes a wide range of industries within its successfully funded startups, from Augmented Analytics and AI-based startups to the clean pet food sector and real-life sports, we open our doors widely to those who seek innovation. Non-tech sectors are welcomed.


How to apply?

3 easy steps to apply for your crowdfunding journey

Raising capital for your startup has never been so easy. We have simplified your crowdfunding start to make it
straightforward and practical.

Create an issuer account

Sign up for an issuer (aka founder) account and start your application for a crowdfunding campaign.


Fill in your company details

Fill in your company details, upload the documents required and submit your application. Simple as that.


Wait for approval

Are you ready to start your crowdfunding journey? In less than 3 days, one of our team members will contact you to guide you through the process.


Is my startup a good fit?

Rōnin’s community of founders is growing fast. We welcome like-minded peers to crowdfund and prepare their startups for the next stages
of business development. Whether your startup is in (Pre)-Seed or raising money for
the series A stage, you can apply to raise up
to €5M according to the EU crowdfunding framework.

We have designed and constantly use our evaluation framework to help us in the due diligence process. We believe this
set of criteria will maximize the success chances and make others INVEST in
your idea.


Investability & investment terms — How investable is the company? What are the perspectives about this round? How has the company financed itself to date? Are there notable investors backing the company efforts?


Novelty in the competitive edge - What is the company's core competitive advantage? How reliable and stable is this advantage in a changing dynamic market?


Viable business model - How the company capitalizes and monetizes? What are the long-term perspectives and how do the numbers look like? What about the company growth and business model validation since the launch? (users, revenue, retention, etc.)


Efficient market rate - We size the market opportunity rate based on the company’s insights and market data. Does the go-to-market strategy match the market status and estimates?


Stability of the product - How robust are the core features of the product? What are the steps related to product road map and how does this translate into rapid growth, scalability, market adoption and retention?


Traction & Team - How do the company’s community and user base look, and are the marketing efforts put in place for the company’s growth? What does the team look like? Do they have complementary skills? What is their background?

What does it take

Here’s what you should expect from the crowdfunding process with Rōnin

We love efficiency, transparency, and transforming complex scenarios into thorough experiences. Learn more about the steps of the crowdfunding process, once the application is accepted and passed the due diligence process.

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We share the fun, risk and success

From preparing a crowdfunding campaign to launching and promoting it, we enhance your crowdfunding journey with
step-by-step support from our team.

You raise money, engage your community and grow for the future. Furthermore, there’s no upfront costs but only a success fee.     No strings attached, just success to be shared once you achieve your goal of raising capital.

On us
On you
Due diligence
Business plan drafting consultancy
Pitch deck consultancy
Support developing fundraising campaign marketing strategy
Fundraising campaign setup
Investment structure
Fundraising campaign
Marketing & communication campaign support
Investing process management
Fundraising campaign success fee
Investment profit sharing fee
on raised amount