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Stock Binder

Prezentare generală a afacerii
Bucuresti, România
Rezumatul campaniei
Obiectiv propus pentru finanțare
€280.000 - €500.000
Aport în acțiuni
Valoare de piață
Investiție minimă
Zile rămase

Suntem o companie ce simplifica si automatizeaza procesul de stocare dintre retaileri si furnizori, oferind o platforma stabila de interconectivitate care le permite sa transfere rapid informații despre produse si stocuri.

€283.100 din €280.000 finanțată


Business story

Supplier - retailer integration is a common problem in the e-commerce supply chain. The processes behind such integrations are tedious, time-consuming, and expensive.

Finding the right partners, continuing with catalog integration & standardization, followed by price & availability synchronization struggles both suppliers and retailers.

A reliable and affordable middleware was needed!

StockBinder – a unique product on the market. A platform that connects online retailers with suppliers using matching algorithms to ensure a transparent overview across product prices and availability from all suppliers.

Business mission

We are here to simplify and automate the process of stocking between retailers and suppliers by offering a reliable interconnection platform that allows them to quickly transfer information on products, stocks, and prices.

How it works

StockBinder is a SaaS platform using Machine Learning in order to integrate the suppliers' feeds of products directly and automatically into the online retailers' offers.

Based on the online retailers' preferences, already using the platform, StockBinder can recommend its users' new products to be listed online from their suppliers or even recommend new suppliers;

Advantages in using StockBinder for online suppliers and marketplaces

-       Have access to a large number of suppliers

-       Fast integration - save time by integrating the platform in a single day

-       New sellers - discover and contact new partners from within the platform

-       Decrease costs in prospecting new opportunities

-       Free awareness among sellers

-       Free integration of StockBinder platform

Advantages in using StockBinder for manufacturers and suppliers

-       Have access to a large market of online stores that can sell your products

-       Fast integration - save time by integrating the platform in a single day

-       Discover and contact new partners from within the platform

-       Decrease costs and risks associated with getting new clients

-       Total control of your data (product information, prices, stocks, setting different lists of prices for different online shops, reward results, start campaigns on prices or products, etc.)

-       Free awareness among online stores that want to expand the portfolio of products and suppliers

-       Free integration of StockBinder platform

The Outcome:

For both retailers and suppliers, using StockBinder as a platform for managing e-commerce B2B partners will generate an increase in sales with minimum costs and risks.

Business model

StockBinder is a B2B SaaS platform that offers all e-commerce players free access to the Discovery Hub, where they can expect to easily find the right partners for their business: manufacturers, suppliers, online retailers, and marketplaces.

After starting a partnership with one or several partners throughout StockBinder both stores & suppliers will be charged, based on a monthly subscription, starting at 99 euro/month.

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