Putting dreams to work.
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Bucharest, România
Rezumatul campaniei
Obiectiv propus pentru finanțare
€200.000 - €350.000
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Valoare de piață
Investiție minimă
Zile rămase

Softlead este o platforma integrata B2B, care foloseste metode de Analiza Augumentata pentru a gasi cel mai bune solutii software, folosind ADN-ul Digital al companiei.

€240.800 din €200.000 finanțată


Business story

Imagine that you need to choose fast and efficient the right software solution for your business, for the company or department you are working in. In an optimistic case, you already have a brief (request of proposal) or, unfortunately, you have to identify what kind of software solution is suitable to your company. Our story began years ago, when we co-founded an outsourcing company and we realized that our clients had difficulties in choosing a software application or a provider for IT services.

We strongly believe that every company deserves to find the right software application, in an easy and fast way. Through Softlead, we are helping companies to achieve one of the most important milestones in their process of digital transformation.

Business Mission

From the beginning, our mission has been to develop an integrated ecosystem, which can be used in a personalized way by every entrepreneur or employee who plans to grow the company she/he works for through those software solutions that are compatible with its needs.

That's how our vision was born. Softlead is more than a platform for information, search, filtering and analysis of existing software solutions on the market, it is a tool that offers a short list of the most suitable technology options, starting from the digital DNA of each company.

To achieve the dream we are working on, we use innovation, creativity and determination.

Business highlights & achievements

  • 2021: Business milestone achieved: 880+ software applications and 465 IT vendors listed
  • 2021 – Strategic Partnership with ANIS (Employers'​ Association of the Software and Services Industry)
  • 2020 – Softlead announces one new milestone regarding the RFPs (Request for Proposals) generated through the platform: projects with a value of over 1 million Euros.
  • 2020 – Launching the beta version for Softlead Digital DNA, the tool which indicates the level of digitalization for every company in Romania, based on an algorithm that includes personalized data for every business (revenue, number of employees, software solutions which are already implemented, companies’ objectives and problems).
  • 2019 – Finalist in Central European Startup Awards Competition
  • 2019 – SaaStock (the global community for SaaS Founders, Executives and Investors) included Softlead in top 20 Exciting European SaaS Companies with Euro Vision
  • Softlead – Best BPM Promoter

Product & service

Softlead is a B2B All in One Platform, which uses Augmented Analytics to shortlist the best software solutions and technologies, using companies’ Digital DNA.

It’s all about an Easy, Automated and Cool Process.

As an enterprise software buyers, you can search and filter all software solutions are suitable for your companies’ DNA. This means that taken into consideration the most important business characteristics (company size, revenue, number of employees or active software users and more other information, you can shortlist the right applications.

You have no idea about what you need? Softlead helps you, too. In the platform, you can choose your preferred flow, so if have never heard about enterprise software solutions, you can follow the most easier steps in your way to find what tech solution you can implement and, of course, you can afford. Selecting the industry you represent (agri-business, medical, services, Human resources, manufacturing, pharma, real estate, IT, constructions, transport), you will be guided to the right software solutions.

What Softlead does different is that you can also have access to a tool (for the moment launched only in beta version), created in a friendly, useful and creative manner, which indicates the level of digitalization in your company and how you can improve the results.

It’s called Softlead Digital DNA and after completing into the platform all the information asked (no more than 3 minutes for SMEs), you will receive in real time a complete report. It’s that kind of document you can send to your managers, colleagues or to your partners in order to take the best decision regarding the next steps in your digital transformation journey.

As an enterprise software vendor, you can use Softlead to have access to an alternative sales flow, having access to qualified RFPs (request for proposals) for software projects.

Business traction

  • 440 software companies
  • 880+ software solutions
  • 2345+ RFPs (valid Request For Proposals) for IT projects
  • €7.3M total value of RFPs
  • 1 active partnership with ANIS (IT professional association with over 150 members, IT companies)
  • €5.000+ current monthly revenue

Goals & future roadmap

We have a clear path that we are going to follow, in order to become the first step in the digitalization process.

  • January 2022 – Closing Seed Round
  • April 2022 – reach €12.000 monthly revenue
  • June 2022 – Launch Digital DNA Assistant tool – full version
  • September 2022 – Finalize Softlead.com, our platform for international expansion
  • December 2022 – Series A Investment round
  • February 2023 – Launch Softlead.com, unique platform for all countries

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