Putting dreams to work.
Prezentare generală a afacerii
Bucuresti, România
Sports And Recreation
Rezumatul campaniei
Obiectiv propus pentru finanțare
€125.000 - €200.000
Aport în acțiuni
Valoare de piață
Investiție minimă
Zile rămase

Playerfy este platforma prin care poti organiza rapid si fara batai de cap meciuri de fotbal. De la gasirea unui teren de fotbal pentru inchiriere pana la intalnirea de noi jucatori si organizarea meciului, toate au devenit simple si la indemana, prin Playerfy.

€16.900 din €125.000 finanțată


Business Vision & Mission

Real-life Gamification - an environment where people are enabled to practice their favorite sports in real life combined with video gaming for personal development.

We combine technology with real-life to offer everybody the chance to do sports anywhere and anytime.

Playerfy is the app where football & sport lovers find the perfect time, space & teammates for their matches. Our matchmaking system provides the complete infrastructure to unite all the players and organise the perfect match day.


Because it should be easy for anybody from anywhere, to practice sports at any time. Technology can help new and old generations to better & easier organise and practice sports and socialise.

How it works?

The PLAYERFY Experience: Community, Playing, Socialising, Competing, Personal development.

The app allows the user to create a profile with all its details (age, name, position, picture, etc). From that profile, the user can search & join games created by others, or he can create an own matchday & invite other users. Also, the user can join an existing team, or create a new team (making him a manager). The profile will be rated by other users after each matchday, so the user will keep track of his evolution in time. This will help him & other users to find similar level players & matchdays, for a better experience. Through the app, the user or his team, will be able to find & join competitions suited for it’s level o play, and keep track of their performance.

Every Player is a pillar of a fast growing and dynamic community: can rate other players; chat with friends; keep track of the personal profile & achievements.

As a Manager: you can create public or private match days; create & manage teams; invite & accept/reject players/teams; accept/reject matchday requests; keep track of your matchday.

Players will be able to:

  • easily find people to play sports with in both friendly environments by joining single match days or in a purely competitive environment through our competitions platform;
  • join a like-minded sports-oriented community in which they can share their love for sports and make new friendships, share their stats, communicate with and rate other players' skills;
  • track their own development through the in-app stats and strive to increase their ratings

Current Traction

  • +2.000 total users;
  • +400 daily active users;
  • +800 total matchdays played;
  • +13.000 ratings assigned between players.
  • 1 large competition organized.

Market size

  • 265 million people - play football worldwide
  • 3.5 billion people - consider themselves football fans
  • More than 40% of people over the age of 16 or older in major population centers around the world consider themselves interested or very interested in following football (FIFA)
  • Over 700.000 football practitioners (professionals, amateurs, or just simple sports lovers) practice football in Romania - RFF (Romanian Football Federation)
  • 48% of Romanian football fans practice sports, including football, daily or 4-5 times a week (GfK).

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