Business Overview
Bucharest, Romania

At Drooler we make cooked food for dogs, healthy, researched, and doctor approved, delivered from our factory to your dog’s feeding bowl.

Short business description:

One thing we know for sure about dogs: they love their humans a lot. And we know something else: dogs love food as much as they love their owners. At Drooler, we understand that the relationship between dogs and their owners is one of pure love. We make cooked, healthy and good food for dogs, out of love and respect for them and their needs.

Business Vision & Mission: 

We identified the following problems in feeding dogs and the behavior of owners:

• 82% of dog owners want better clarity over the ingredients contained in classic food (pellets and wet food);

• 12.5% of owners waste time cooking meals for their dogs, being forced to do so, because the dogs develop allergies and health problems from classical food;

• 15% of the owners cook for their dogs in an improper manner, without taking into account the minimum nutritional values and cooking processes.

And we solve them as follows:

Drooler's recipes contain only ingredients intended for human consumption.

Products are presented in transparent casseroles.

The production of food is carried out in an approved factory DSV and ISO 22000.

The recipes are formulated based on extensive research in partnership with USAMV Cluj Napoca.

Delivery is carried out in 30 min.

With Drooler, the customer will save time and will trust that the content of the preparations contains the necessary daily, healthy and controlled-origin food for his dog.


Product service: 

Drooler products will initially be sold using 3 market channels:

• Online - directly from your own website;

• Delivery platforms - we will integrate our logistics centers from Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca with the classic food delivery platforms: Bolt Food, Glovo, Tazz by eMag;

• Marketplaces - eMag, Freshful, Zooplus, Zoopoint, Animax, Maxipet, etc.

Another source of income will be that of customer subscriptions.

We intend to implement a subscription similar to the "Genius" one from eMag, which allows customers to place orders with free delivery, accumulate additional points and discounts.

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