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What our investors say about investing with Ronin?

What our investors say about investing with Ronin?

The platform is user-friendly, and the process is very easy and 100% digital. Through a few steps and clicks, you can become an investor in a startup.

The support and information provided by Rōnin are very valuable and important for our financial education. From specialized articles and weekly newsletters to workshops with Iancu Guda and meetings with startup founders, every moment is a gain and a step closer to the financial freedom I desire.

Regarding the investment process, a big plus is the minimum ticket value required. With just 100 euros, you can become an investor in a startup. I chose to invest in startups through Rōnin because of the team’s proven professionalism.

I learned that not every startup reaches the fundraising stage, as the process for them is very rigorous. This gives me confidence that there are high chances for the startup to be successful, and my investment to be profitable.

I have invested through Rōnin and will continue to invest. I recommend Rōnin, together we prosper 🙂

Andrei Talaș


By the fact that you can start investing with only 100 euros in a wide range of startups, and both the platform and the process itself are intuitive and can be easily used by anyone, Rōnin covers an important part of the startup investment market needs. At the same time, through the low entry threshold, investments become much more accessible to everyone.

Răzvan C.


The Rōnin platform offers investors the opportunity to invest in local startup companies that have been validated by Rōnin experts. At the same time, startups with real potential to go to the next level can present their expansion plans to investors, and Rōnin facilitates this excellently.

Investor financial education is supported by the platform through full-length webinars with Iancu Guda.

Creating an account is fast and easy, as well as the personal data validation part to be able to invest in current campaigns. Communication with the Rōnin team has been prompt and professional. I have invested in 2 campaigns so far and will continue to invest through Rōnin to diversify my investment portfolio.

Daniel Plăcintă