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Meet Roxana Baias

Brand and Marketing

Roxana is an experienced marketer and business model designer with a diverse background that spans multiple industries and countries. Born and raised in Romania, she left post-communist Romania at the age of 16 for a high school exchange program in the UK. She then went on to earn her degree in business administration and has since travelled and worked in several countries around Europe, gaining valuable experience in corporations across FMCG (Procter & Gamble), retail (Mic.ro), and telecom (Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, Orange).

Currently, Roxana has embarked on a new journey in real estate in Central and Eastern Europe, where she serves as the Head of Group Marketing for Nepi Rockcastle. Her expertise in marketing and coaching has allowed her to excel in her role, where she drives marketing initiatives and helps to shape the company’s strategic direction.

As a marketer, Roxana has a keen eye for identifying consumer trends and developing effective marketing campaigns that resonate with target audiences. Additionally, she has a natural talent for coaching and mentoring, which has helped her to build and develop high-performing teams throughout her career.

With her rich cultural background and international experience, Roxana is highly adaptable and can navigate complex situations in a multicultural setting. Her passion for learning and continuous improvement has allowed her to stay ahead of the curve in her field and to deliver impressive results for the organizations she works with.

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