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Bucharest, Romania
Ecommerce, Fashion
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€250.000 - €500.000
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Dressingz is a marketplace that accelerates the adoption of the circular sustainable fashion model, facilitating the meeting between fashion enthusiasts who want to sell and those who want to invest in pre-loved luxury items. Through reuse and resale, Dressingz democratizes access to premium fashion, turning it into an efficient investment for both consumers and the planet.

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Business story

Romina Tăzlăoanu has built DRESSINGZ out of passion for fashion and care for the environment. After over 20 years of a marketing career in tech & telco corporations, she turned to her older passion and decided to make it her new job, building something meaningful around it. A business to echo her passion, that would make a difference in the bigger landscape, is fueling her energy and vision. 

Anca Stan is Dressingz Co-Founder and brings in her vast expertise in finance, audit and valuation as CFO in transport, energy, constructions, Big4 companies. She’s also a big fan of all innovative solutions aimed at making life more efficient, integrated and sustainable. 

Our drive? A strong belief that Dressingz can offer an efficient & responsible alternative to today’s damaging way of consuming fashion. If we fall for the undeniable beauty this industry brings to our lives, we cannot be hypocrites and ignore the garbage and pollution it equally creates. This “2in1-beauty-&-the-beast” as we can describe today’s fashion landscape needs a shift for the better” – Romina Tazlaoanu.

Our Vision is Fashion for the better, as the new way of consuming fashion: better quality, better spending, better future for our planet. 

Business Mission / Concept

Our mission is to make sustainable circular fashion the new normal, with benefits for the planet, consumers, businesses and NGOs.


We make it easy, safe, and profitable for any fashion consumer to access, reuse and resell authentic luxury fashion. 

We reduce fashion waste & pollution, by keeping fashion items in circulation for a longer period. 

We attract fashion brands businesses to join our circular ecosystem and support reselling.

We give back to society, by donating to NGOs basic items with no resale value.

Main context:

120 billion clothing items are produced every year, but 85% of textiles end up burnt in landfills. We only wear 50% of what we buy and we wear it far much less than ever before. Fashion is the second biggest consumer of water and it’s responsible for 10% of humanity's carbon emissions, more than all international flights and maritime transportation together.

These sad facts make Fashion the 2nd most polluting industry globally (McKinsey Global data report, 2021). 


The accelerated consumption of fast fashion creates huge waste of resources and pollution. Fast fashion emissions will grow by 50% by 2030, at current rates (Ellen McArthur Foundation). 

This irrational consumption also creates huge waste at personal level, with a dormant impact on our life quality – waste of space (house clutter) and waste of money. The inexpensiveness of fast fashion is just a mirage, because we buy too frequently low-quality items that we wear just a few times, making it a totally ineffective investment.


Our solution is meant to change today’s linear fashion model in order to keep fashion items in circulation for a longer period of time. Extending the life of clothes by just 9 months of active use would reduce carbon, water and waste footprints by 20-30% each (WRAP). If the number of times a garment is worn were doubled on average, greenhouse emissions would be 44% lower (Ellen McArthur Foundation).

Fast fashion apparel cannot be sustainable by its very nature. The poor quality of the material makes it hard to recycle or reuse. On the other hand, premium/ luxury fashion that can resist over time, due to quality fabrics, durability, and timeless style, is expensive, therefore inaccessible for the majority. 

Our purpose is to make circular fashion the new normal, via re-use and re-sell, democratizing access to premium fashion and making it an efficient investment for all fashion enthusiasts and for the planet.” – Romina Tăzlăoanu

Dressingz is a digital marketplace of authentic luxury at its core, where consumers are able to sell and buy premium fashion from their private wardrobes, extending the life of their garments. 

We also connect the platform with fashion businesses, partnering to accelerate and reward customers adopting resale. Fashion businesses (designer brands) can reward customers who are reselling their brand items on the platform, offering co-branded vouchers integrated in Dressingz resale process. Following the 1 in, 1 out principle, when a customer sells an item on Dressingz, he automatically receives a co-branded discount voucher to shop for a new one. 

Businesses gain footprint, returning or new customers, plus responsible brand perception and sustainability proven action. We have already signed 9 designer brand partners, already integrated in the process. To name a few, Murmur, Amalin, Sarto Bespoke, Depot96, Atu Body Couture.

An innovative future development is planned to leverage the platform partnership with retail, and is aimed to help customers think of the resell opportunity, right from the very first purchase moment, in the retail store. By scanning a QR on the item tag in store, customers will access information on estimated resale pricing, over the next 5 years, helping them think about return on investment and shop smart. (In the US, the main purchase trigger for GenZ is the resale value, based on the McKinsey report). Also, with one click, users can add to their private dressing (opened on Dressingz) the item purchased in store, for an easy management wardrobe, outfit planning etc. When the user decides to sell the item, with 1 click, he can move the item from private dressing to listing for sale.

Another third party in this ecosystem are the NGOs, who can benefit from Dressingz donations of non-premium articles offered by its community, in exchange of philanthropic reward points. The platform claim “You sell, we donate” is walking the talk for the doing good attribute of the brand.

To sum up the benefits for all:  

Benefits for buyers

access to affordable luxury 

access to unique collectibles

no risk of fakes

peace of mind: secured payments, returns accepted

fast delivery

Benefits for sellers

ROI for premium fashion owned

fast & secure cash-in

peace of mind logistic (free pick up at your door)

space declutter

Benefits for planet

less waste of unworn items

less production pollution 

Benefits for fashion brands / businesses

claim sustainable effort

brand favorability and preference

Benefit for NGOs

donations for the people in need


Dressingz operates on a custom designed website and app and has a physical showroom and extra storage in the Bucharest headquarters. 

Luxury items are digitally authenticated by best in class partners, based in the US. A selection of items is also physically checked in-house, when sold, by the Dressingz team. The service is planned to be monetized in the future.

Concierge service is in high demand: items are stored physically in the Dressingz warehouse, after they’ve been photographed and listed on the platform by the Dressingz team. The service is planned to be monetized in the future.

Main differentiators for Dressingz marketplace: automated negotiation, concierge, seller bundle offer, outfit suggestions, user style profiling, user badges, promo service, community zone TALKS, assisted returns, certificate of Authenticity on request, gift card, celebrity auctions, good deeds maker. 

Under development are a loyalty reward system as well as a sustainability passport.

Business Model

The selling and buying of apparel traditionally involve several interactions on-line and/or offline. It can vary in a combination of non-curated e-commerce, social media and traditional physical stores with the obvious downsides on time spent, logistics, authenticity risks and practically limited access to unique or iconic pieces from past luxury collections at an affordable price. 

Dressingz brings, together in a curated marketplace, sellers and buyers united by their love for premium fashion and the will to contribute to a more conscious consumption of fashion. 

Primary Revenue Stream of Dressingz is progressive resale commission.

Our business model consists in selling commission from the seller (up to 20%), with free listing of items on our platform. Buyers can directly access the items they like, and the product is shipped either directly by the seller or by us (if stored in our warehouses) via courier. The payment is all online and returns are allowed 24 h after the products are received. 

Secondary B2C revenue streams: concierge (now offered free for customers), promo, authentication, cleaning fees, swap.

Analyzing potential B2B revenue streams, leveraging the partnerships, is work in progress. By integrating additional features (virtual wardrobe, CRM) we intend to monetise data in relation to fashion brand partnerships and create a subscription base for revenue.

On the social side, we donate to NGOs unused items with no resale value, offered by our community in exchange of philanthropic reward points/ discounts. We also enable donations from our sellers, giving them the option to donate a small fraction of their gains, once their item is sold.

Market Highlights

The global pre-owned fashion market to reach €182 billion, with a CAGR 18% (BCG x VC, 2022). European market of pre-owned luxury €18 billion and CEE market of €2 billion. Our focus on CEE addresses a population of 11 million with income higher than € 100k. Dressingz intends to reach 300k users in 7 years.

Resale market is set to grow faster than broader retail clothing, 11x with 30% increase YoY (McKinsey Report, 2022). Top three global trends are social shopping, circular fashion, and authenticated pass (McKinsey Business Fashion, 2022).


Our global competition are big international players: 


Vestiaire Collective

The Real Real


Thread Up/Remix

On the Romanian market players like:

Luxura Elite

•"Nu mai port" FB group, other FB groups & Insta private pages

CHECK Vintage

La Vestimenta




Very few overlaps on the luxury segment and almost no claim on authenticated products. Dressingz differentiates through authenticated luxury products, concierge service, philanthropic commitment (1x1), cleaning and promotion services and a proposition on circularity to embark on partnerships with high end brands.

Business highlights & achievements

1.First round of financing from private investors of € 300,000 allowed the development of MVP and supported the operations, marketing, and tech development for 2022.

2.Quarterly offline events and social selling & other marketing efforts built awareness and credibility and increased the product inventory and number of active users on the platform during 2022 and the 1st quarter of 2023.

3.Combined team of experts and advisors in tech, customer relationship and financing.

4.Nine fashion brands businesses integrated with Dressingz platform, supporting resale via voucher rewards.

5.Donation pilot project “You sell one, we donate one” tested in partnership with Crucea Rosie. 

Business traction

As of December 31, 2022, we had the following results: 

Users: 2,854 

Items: 5,747 

Inventory value: 700,000€ 

Items ordered: 580 

GMV: 74,000 € 

AOV: 166€

Followers: 5,000 on Instagram

Taking a snapshot on the 31st of March , 2023:

Users TTD: 3,231

Items: 7,781

Inventory value: 860,000€ 

Item ordered: 785

GMV (TTD): 91,840 €

AOV: 131€

Followers: 5,800 on Instagram

Goals & future roadmap

Our Goals for the next period are:

1.Accelerate awareness and increase user acquisition through partnership integration and scale up

2.Improve customer experience 

3.Drive adoption & sales through a series of initiatives, achieving an ARR of minimum €500k

4.Best Team completion


We intend to conclude the 1st international brand partnership in the next 12 months. Our team of experts includes Octavian Cornea, luxury expert, with high end brands, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Zegna, Omega, that is building the strategic approach for brands partnerships. The aim is to conclude up to 10 international partnerships by 2027.

Together with the tech development on virtual dressings, features for swap and other CRM Dressingz will have strong basis for further monetisation of the services both to sellers (swap, paid concierge, promotion), buyers and brand partnerships (data monetisation, sales leads).

The model that we developed so far is prepared for scale up. In the following year, Dressingz will scale up to 1st CEE country, and further 2 countries will follow by 2027.

Marketing mix will include both digital and offline presence, with a combination of sustainability influencers and pop up events, and with a focus on the development of GenZ segment.

For achieving this we will further consolidate the team, with tech, product, customer support competences. 

News and updates:


Social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dressingzstore

Youtube: https://youtube.com/@dressingz8567 

Instagram: https://instagram.com/dressingz_store

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/dressingz/

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