Putting dreams to work.

Rōnins are samurai warriors without masters. The rebels, the innovators, the explorers. Those who seek purpose and don’t settle for ordinary.

We got together because current financing and investing options don’t work for the many.
We wanted to make our own way instead—our own bushido:


Entrepreneurs =
real heroes

And many out there have
priceless ideas


can invest

Angels are everywhere!
We just have to let them know.


We're in this

Shared risk, shared fun,
shared profit!



Boldness and creativity make
the world go round.



Try, test, learn. Again and again.
Fail fast if needed. Repeat.

Who is a rōnin?

Anyone who believes in our bushido and acts on it! By inventing real solutions or supporting others who do, you can join the movement and become a rōnin too.

We’re a community of dare-takers putting all our expertise and resources together to give every bold idea a chance to shape the future for the better.

How did Rōnin start?

We imagined a system where not just the lucky ones get to test out their dream. A world where anyone with a bold, life-improving idea can have a shot at putting it to work. And where anyone can back‑up the world‑changing projects they want to see happening, and contribute to them.

We realized that this world was not possible until a single condition was met: open investing to all. And that’s precisely what we do!

What makes Rōnin so special?


We combine the best of tech with the best of ethics. Being blockchain-built and AI/machine-learning supported means that all Rōnins can follow every cent, every step of every process, and receive advice that combines expert human judgment with digital brainpower.


Crowd wisdom

Rōnin welcomes newbies as much as serial investors and experienced entrepreneurs. This inclusivity makes our investor pool stronger, our fundraising options more daring and exciting, and makes sure that we support dreams that really benefit all of society (and not just a few on top!)



All business sectors need bolder dreams! We believe everyone should have the choice to support whatever idea makes a difference in their life. From mom-and-pop shops to the world’s next unicorn, and whether you’ve got €100 or €100.000 to invest. Whoever and wherever, put those dreams to work.