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At Drooler we make cooked food for dogs, healthy, researched, and doctor approved, delivered from our factory to your dog’s feeding bowl.

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We believe:

One thing we know for sure about our dogs: they love their humans a lot.

And we know something else too: dogs love food as much as they love their owners.

At Drooler, we understand that the relationship between dogs and their owners is one of pure love.

We make fresh cooked food, healthy and specially calibrated for dogs, out of love and respect for them and their needs.

Drooler is the first brand and factory that produces and delivers fresh cooked food for dogs.

We use fresh ingredients, intended for human consumption, calculated together with our partners from USAMV Cluj Napoca, adapted in specially researched recipes for the needs of our puppies.


We are:

Romania’s freshest dog food, delivered.

Our mission: to become the best dog food brand in terms of quality.


We solve:

We identified the following problems regarding a dogs diet and an owners behaviour:

  • 82% of dog owners want better clarity over the ingredients contained in classical food (pellets and wet food);
  • 12.5% of owners waste time cooking meals for their dogs, being forced to do so, because the dogs develop allergies and health problems from classical food;
  • 15% of the owners cook for their dogs in an improper manner, without taking into account the minimum nutritional values and cooking processes.

And we solve them as follows:

  • Drooler's recipes contain only ingredients intended for human consumption.
  • Products are presented in transparent casseroles.
  • The production of food is carried out in an approved factory DSV and ISO 22000.
  • The recipes are formulated based on extensive research in partnership with USAMV Cluj Napoca.
  • Delivery is carried out in 30 min in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca and in 24 hours all around the country. 
  • With Drooler, the customer will save time and will trust that the content of the product contains the daily necessary, healthy and carefully sourced food for his dog.

We produce:

Between 500 000 and 6 200 000 euros from the first to the third year, in Romania alone.For a medium sized dog, a casserole will cost 18.99 lei, and it will be a complete meal for one day. 

With Drooler, an owner would spend around 120 and 450 lei each month with his dog’s nutritional feeding plan and diet, depending on the size, activity level and sterility of the pupper. In comparison, classical dog food for a medium sized pupper would cost between 180 lei and 800 lei, depending on the brand and whether wet or dry food is used. Basically, we produce human graded food, cooked and boiled at low temperatures, researched and calculated in special portions for dogs.

Drooler products will initially be sold using 5 market channels:


Customers can drop orders directly from our website or they can purchase a monthly subscription. The goods will be delivered in 24 hours, all over the country. We expect that more than 50% of the total sales will be performed Online.

Human Food delivery platforms

We will integrate our two logistics centres from Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca with the classical food delivery platforms: Bolt Food, Glovo, Tazz by eMag. Like this, the food will be delivered in 30 minutes, fresh and ready to eat.


We intend to list our products on the classical marketplaces like eMag, Freshful, Zooplus, Zoopoint, Animax, Maxipet, etc.

And our Drooler boxes will reach the customers in 24 hours after the order is placed.

In Penny Supermarkets

We are in advanced discussions with our partner Penny who will allow us to install glass door freezers in their supermarkets in order to come closer to our customers. Here we will sell our products as white labelled or co-branded with Penny. In 3 years, we expect to cover more than 30 supermarkets.

In the classical neighbourhood PetShops.

We have to come closer and closer to our customers. And most of them place their trust in the advice of the petShop nutrition assistant or the veterinarian doctor. In the first year we aim to sign at least 15 partner PetShops, where we can sell our products.

We compete:

The first certified study regarding the pets status in Romania registered 2.5 million dogs with owners in 2014.

In 2019 this number increased to 4.1 million quadrupeds, Romania ranking no. 17 world wide.

Also in Romania the number of dogs per inhabitant is 0.202, which translates to nearly 1 pet per family.

The average amount spent by a dog owner with its pet nutrition increased in 2020 by 13%, reaching 180 lei per month.

Our objective is to gain 1-1.5% market share in Romania in the first 3 years of activity:

  1. Our first objective is to enrol 1000 subscribers. Using the marketing budgets, we will achieve in the second year or sooner. This translates to a gross sale of 1 050 000 euro in the second year, only for online orders.
  2. Our second objective is to list our products in the retail market, starting the first year of activity. This helps us come closer to our customers and to easily convert them to the online ordering channels. 
  3. And our third objective, and probably the most significant one, is to become the most important dog food brand in Romania, in terms of product quality, personalised diet and healthy lifestyle. 


We aim:

Drooler aims to become the top brand in the Romanian dog food industry. And we have all the necessary ingredients to achieve this goal: obsession over the product’s quality, scalability, a good marketing strategy and a strong management. 

The marketing services will be delivered by our partners: Noeland Marketing Agency who already helped us define our brand and brand rhetoric, the key visuals, the pillars of communication and the future strategy. During our marketing campaign we will communicate about the health component of our products, the efficiency a dog owner gains by buying our products, the transparency of our packaging and also about the playful and fun component of love for a puppy, for sport and for a healthy life. The campaign is based on 3 pillars:

  • Dogs - the dog's health and the care for it;
  • Love - mutual love between dog and human;
  • Food - calculated, researched, and time saving.

At the same time, an important component of our brand communication will be the influencing marketing. By using food and pet care influencers, like Chef Foa and Andrei Rosu, we will easily make our product viral.


We spend:

 The funds will be used in three directions:

  • Acquisition of equipment that will help produce and transport more food units;
  • Transport truck with below freezing controlled temperature - with the size of at least 4 pallets - to transport the products from the factory to the logistics centres;
  • Blast chillers - A blast chiller is a piece of equipment that quickly lowers the temperature of food, to -87 Celsius, in a bacteria free environment.
  • This device will help us guarantee a minimum of 6 months expiration date for our products;
  • Professional printer - we believe that it would be a good marketing idea to personalise each order with the dog’s name on the box and products that we deliver;
  • Glass Door Standing Freezers - that we will brand and place inside our partners pet shops to place and store our products. 
  • Marketing and cash flow
  • Drooler is a branded typed business. We need to continuously educate the market, keep our customers engaged and invest in acquiring new customers on a daily basis.
  • Scale up in the near future
  • Like every other factory, our production will achieve its limitations.
  • According to our business plan, this will happen in the 15th month. 

Therefore we need to invest in expanding our production capacity.The plan is to rent the above floor of our factory and to equip it with temperature controlled facilities for storage only, thus leaving more space for production devices in our current factory. 

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