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Business Overview
Bucharest, Romania
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€150.000 - €300.000
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AutoVantage is the platform where new car buyers can compare offers from car dealers all over Romania and choose the best one.

€232.800 of €150.000 raised


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AutoVantage is the platform where new car buyers can compare offers from car dealers all over Romania and choose the best one.

The best offer means it may have the best delivery date, best price, best configuration or maybe all of them. In order to get that offer, AutoVantage negotiates professionally with dealers on behalf of the client and lets him decide which offer is the right one, with zero effort. 

On the other hand, AutoVantage generates and qualifies paying customers for trusted dealers. Any traditional lead source for new cars will return a conversion rate between 1% and 3%, while our leads have a conversion rate of over 20%. AutoVantage does the heavy lifting from the sales perspective, the dealer just needs to seal the deal.

Business story

Imagine you live in an average Romanian city and you want to buy a new car, but your local dealership’s offer isn’t that great and the delivery time is enormous. What are your options? Well, you could spend a couple of days calling other dealerships and following up with them until you find a couple of offers, hoping you might get something better. However, car dealers will make a good offer if they know your purchasing intentions are real, so they will always give you a better offer if you talk face to face…but that’s a problem, because you would have to travel all over Romania just to get a good offer. This generates needs on both sides of the market, and that’s why AutoVantage exists. Car buying is the same since 1908, but we’re here to change that!

Business mission

Our mission is to bring transparency and peace of mind in the car buying process, helping customers find the best offer for them by negotiating with dealerships all over Romania on their behalf, while at the same time we qualify them as customers and save dealers 90% of the time and energy they invest in making a sale. This means you can buy a new car from the comfort of your own home while we do all the work, and for car dealers we bring paying customers right at their doorstep - all hassle free. 

How it works

Our customer’s journey starts when he makes a decision to purchase a new car and start their research online, looking for car reviews. Right about then our Youtube channel, AutoVantage, will come to their attention with detailed reviews about all the new cars PLUS an actual solution that will benefit their acquisition process.  From Youtube, Google, other social media platforms or even from a friend’s recommendation they will find autovantage.ro, where we negotiate with our trusted dealers on their behalf. But that’s not all, if they find the right offer and buy the car from one of our partner dealerships, they will receive 150RON worth of gas money from Rompetrol.

On the dealer side, we provide high quality leads, with conversion rates of over 20%. All they need to do is to make offers based on our requests and we take care of the rest. Once a customer picks their offer we make the introductions. The only fee we charge is a fixed commission, only if the sale is closed successfully. 

All of our customers will make a purchase in the near future, and since our dealer network is increasing on a daily basis, we also increase our chances of finding the right solution for our customers. 

Business Model. Monetisation strategy

B2C: €10 per offers request 

B2B: We charge a fixed commission between 50 and €1000 based on the final value of the car. The average sale commission is €110. 

Content revenue: Promotional content sold to relevant sponsors.

Business highlights & achievements

  • The concept was born in February 2020.
  • MVP was launched in July 2020.
  • By August 2020 our concept was validated by over 400 customers and 15k Youtube subscribers. 
  • February 2021 - 100% process automation and optimised our business model into a high quality lead generation platform.
  • March 2021 - Rompetrol partnership.
  • June-July 2021 - Participated in Commons Accel’s cohort 4 of startups.
  • November 2021 - Opened a TV show about cars on PrimaTV (Coloana de Directie).
  • December 2021 - almost 800 paying customers and over €3.000.000 worth of cars sold.
  • January 2022 - Raiffeisen partnership 
  • February 2022 (present) - Raising our first investment round through crowdfunding platform: Ronin.

Business Traction

  • 1000+ paying customers
  • 120+ cars sold 
  • 50.000 Youtube subscribers
  • Trusted and powered by Rompetrol.
  • €25,800 Annual Revenue (2021)
  • €4,000 Monthly Revenue

Goals & future roadmap

After investment round:

  • We’ll automate and optimise the platform to reduce any UX friction. 
  • We’ll develop a sales team to keep the dealers engaged and make sure they submit as many offers as soon as possible.
  • We’ll invest in marketing channels to make sure we provide our option to everyone that makes the decision of purchasing a new car and gain as much market share as possible. 

Business Roadmap: 

  • Q1 2022: We’ll offer financing offers for our customers. 
  • Q2 2022: by popular demand we’ll launch MotoVantage for new motorcycles. :)
  • Q4 2022: We’ll expand on the certified used car market.
  • Q2 2023: We’ll start the process of scaling our business in other EU countries. 
  • Goal: We plan on reaching at least 3% market share of new cars sold in Romania by Q4 2023.

Social links:

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmNqURnUOis3WpZxAnkeSWQ

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Auto.Vantage/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/auto.vantage/?hl=en

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/autovantage-solutions

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